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Entrust us with your curiosity

Visiting Colombia is to experience its magical realism.


Where it shares two vast bodies of ocean, a unique fauna and flora, and summer climates all year around. More than 50% of the territory is occupied by natural forests, including a variety of unforgettable sceneries including deserts, hot springs, dry and tropical jungles, and is home to the coastal mountain of Sierra Nevada de SantaMarta. Colombia strikes a cord within all of us, craving to discover more.

Colombia has an infinite number of ecosystems, with 60% of the moorlands in the world. Bears, jaguars, condors, tapirs, whales, and river dolphins inhabit these precious ecosystems. In addition to all of our remarkable nature sights, we are also rich in biodiversity and culture.


Casa Encuentro is the ideal place for the traveling community of the world. It was born from the deep desire to enrich a sacred space that connects man with nature through relaxation practices, interaction with art, landscape and dining experiences.

Casa Encuentro opens its doors thanks to the artistic work of Maria Elena Silva (MAKANA). Founder and designer of the project.

Her passion for art and nature is a unique combination that creates a special space full of life and color. Suitable for the imagination!

From her ever exploring and restless soul in search of a dream place, MAKANA came to this beautiful place as a gift of fate. It was here where she finally found her connection with her artistic, creative soul, and rediscovered her essence with nature. As she walks that journey, another person comes along.

Since her childhood, where so many experiences have connected her to this environment and its being, a new chapter is added to this beautiful story when Naty Ramirez, daughter of MAKANA joins, with her creativity and universal vision, this ideal project.

And that is how Casa Encuentro was born from a dream come true.



We have developed tour routes in Medellín and throughout Antioquia with a sustainable approach by interacting directly with the community of each region we visit. We buy organic foods grown locally and thus support the preservation of the environment. We promote job creation through the purchase of local delicacies prepared for the enjoyment of tourists. We build ties of friendship with the communities we visit, thus creating an atmosphere of trust that will provide you with a closer and more enriching experience.

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  • Vereda La Quebrada arriba 300 mts.
    Medellín – Colombia.

Casa Encuentro

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